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About Megan's Cottage


Well, hello! I'm the "Megan" of Megan's Cottage - Megan Perkins. I live, work and play in the lower Russian River area of Sonoma County - Guerneville, specifically - in Northern California with my husband, Eric, and perpetual puppy, Cali. Here I crochet, felt, sew, cut up wine bottles, play with food and garden. 

My "cottage" is a nod to "cottage industry" and the love of making functional and attractive items while supporting the local community and small businesses. It is also my home and where I do most of my crafting and creating.

Creating a wide range of items for myself and gifts over the years, I am happiest when my hands are busy and making something - anything! While shopping for yarn, fabric, odds and ends, and constantly brainstorming new projects keep me busy between my "real job" and walking the dog. I am excited to put myself out "there" and create for people I don't know and may never meet. It's a little scary to be so honest and visible. Please visit these local shops to purchase items you see here and many more.

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