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Product Care

Each item I make is unique, so the qualities of each are individual as well. As such, please take care in laundering each according to the material.

Wool and mixed fiber hats, pot holders, trivets and gloves should be hand washed in cold water with mild detergent and laid flat to dry. Avoid wringing and stretching.

Wool fibers felt over time, with use and frequent washing. This is normal. Vigorous washing and hot water increases felting - you are forewarned.

Cotton, linen, hemp and other natural fibers can stretch and sag with wear. A quick wash in cold water with mild detergent usually brings everything back together. Be sure to dry your garment flat on a towel or similar materials so it doesn't stretch or take the shape of the underlying surface.

Rice Pillows can take daily use for quite a while before the rice starts to deteriorate. As tough as uncooked rice is, it's still a plant and will breakdown eventually. The lavender inside the pillow will fade first, so you can add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil (I use lavender to keep with what's in the pillow already) to refresh the scent. Do not get your rice pillow wet! If you want to keep it extra clean, you can wrap it in a pillow case once heating. Or spot treat with minimal dampness and mild soap. Try to keep the rice dry. Some websites recommend putting a glass of water in the microwave while heating the pillow. I do not! There is plenty of moisture in the rice to heat and reheat for years. Adding a glass of water will start the rice cooking process and your pillow will start to decline. 

Wine Bottle Bags - other than the burlap ones - can be laundered with like colors and mild detergent. The ribbons may shift in the bag, so I recommend safety pinning them to the bag or removing them. Burlap bags can be wash by hand and with care - the color may bleed.

Felted Soap is a wonderful product that doesn't require any maintenance while you use it. Get the soap wet and suds up. Rinse briefly when done and set aside to dry out between uses. As the soap inside is used up, the wool will continue to felt and shrink around the soap. Once the soap is gone, you have a little wool scrubby or kitty toy. If you plan to store your felted soap for a while before using or gifting, keep it dry. I recommend a ziplock-ish bag.

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